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We have created this site to share some of our more exciting travel experiences. 

We have a deal - every two years we take a big trip.  In 2012, it was to Greece, with stops in Paris and Brussels.  In 2014, it was a Safari in Tanzania, with a few days of pampering in Amsterdam on the way back.  In 2016, it was Europe - England, France and Germany, with a drive through Italy & Switzerland along the way.  2018?  Who knows!

We are not professional photographers, and these pictures are unedited, so there may be some with fingers or that are blurry.  In the interest of time, we wanted to get them loaded here as they are.

We hope you enjoy viewing our photos of several "once in a lifetime" trips.

       Jim & Stuart Freides

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With any picture on this site, you can hover your cursor over the photo to see if there is a text description.

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