Terminology, Phrases and just things we found cool!


Malaki Saning'o, our Driver/Guide was quite interesting, and we think he was delighted that we were so interested in him, his family, his culture and learning anything he had to offer us.  Tman was our driver in Arusha before and after the Safari and seemed to share the same delight.


Some of the things below are phrases they used that stuck with us, terms used in slang or actual terminology or Swahili words and phrases.


     "Through hunting, Nature is losing the elephants."  -- Malaki  (this stuck with us because he didn't say "we", "Africa" or "Tanzania" - it was clear that he meant it as he said it -- "Nature" is losing them - no one else owns them.


     "Let's see what Nature shows us today."  -- Malaki


     "Sleeping Cops" = speed bumps in the street  -- Tman


     "Rasta Strips" = speed strips warning you of approaching speed bumps -- Tman



     Swahili Words and Phrases:


     "Maisha Marefu"  = "Long Life" or "Cheers"

     "Asante"  = "Thank you"

     "Asante Sana"  = "Thank you very much"

     "Karibu" = "Welcome" or "You're welcome"

     "Karibu Sana" = "You're very welcome"

     "Karibuni" = "You're welcome, y'all" (as Melinda would say)



     Animal Families


     Troup of Baboons

     Pod of Hippos

     Tower of Giraffes

     Pride of Lions

     Sounder of Warthogs

     Pack of Jackals

     Clan of Hyenas

     Business of Mongoose     "I'm busier than a business of mongoose!" -- Melinda Johnston