Species List


During our 8-day safari, we tried to keep track of each species we came across.  However, it's quite likely we missed a lot of them, especially the birds (since Jim was keeping the list and he isn't interested in birds).





African Buffalo                                            Elephant                                                            Striped Hyena

African Wild Dog                                        Golden Jackal                                                    Thompson's Gazelle

Black Backed Jackal                                  Grant's Gazelle                                                  Topi

Black Rhinoceros                                       Hippopotamus                                                   Tree Hyrax

Blue Monkey                                              Impala                                                                Velvet Monkey

Blue Wildebeest                                         Kirks Dik Dik                                                      Warthog

Bohor Reedbuck                                        Klipspringer                                                       Cow*

Burchell's Zebra                                         Leopard                                                             Donkey*

Bush Hyrax                                                Lion                                                                    Goat*

Cheetah                                                     Masai Giraffe                                                      Camel*

Coke's Hartebeest                                     Olive Baboon                                                        

Common Waterbuck                                  Scrub Hare                                                        *The farm animals were seen in the Maasai village.    

Defassa Waterbuck                                   Slender Mongoose                                              The camels, although not normally found in Tanzania,

Dwarf Mongoose                                       Spotted Hyena                                                     had been brought there from Egypt via Kenya Eland                                                         Steenbuck                                                            and were seen beside the road with their owner. 





African Green Pigeon                                Grey-crowned Crane                                          Secretarybird

African Grey Hornbill                                 Grey-Headed Kingfisher                                     Silvery-cheeked Hornbill

African Hoopoe                                         Guineafowl                                                          Southern Ground Hornbill

African Spoonbill                                       Hadada Ibis                                                         Spur-winged Lapwing

Black-faxed Sandgrouse                           Kori Bustard                                                        Squacco Heron

Black-headed Heron                                 Lappet-faced Vulture                                           Tawny Eagle

Blacksmith Lapwing                                  Lilac-breasted Roller                                            Verreaux’s Eagle Owl

Dark Chanting Goshawk                           Long-crested Eagle                                             White Stork

Egyptian Goshawk                                    Marabou Stork                                                     White-headed Buffalo Weaver

European Bee-eater                                  Ostrich                                                                 White-headed Vulture

Fischer’s Lovebird                                     Red-billed Buffalo Weaver                              

Francolin                                                   Ring-necked Dove                                              

Go-away-bird                                            Rueppell’s Vulture                                             

Great White Pelican                                  Ruppell’s Long-tailed Starling                         

Greater Flamingo                                      Saddle-billed Stork





Leopard Tortoise                                      Side-striped Chameleon

Marsh Terrapin                                         Spek's Hinged Tortoise

Mwanza Rock Agama Lizard                   Tree Monitor

Nile Crocodile